Resources for Colorado Green MLS Initiative:


MLS Improvement Recommendations - A multidisciplinary group of stakeholders developed the MLS recommendations in conjunction with the Colorado Governor's Energy Office Residential Retrofit Working Group.

Energy and Green Features Checklist - Many Colorado homes have energy and green features that are not included on the MLS. The Energy and Green Features Addendum helps homeowners, builders, and realtors market these features to potential buyers.

Energy and Green Features Addendum Glossary - The glossary briefly defines and provides a link to additional resources for every term included on the Energy and Green Features Addendum.

Energy and Green Fields Glossary and Suggested Documentation - In order to properly use the new fields, you must be able to identify the energy and green features and provide the appropriate documentation. Learn more.

MLS Initiative Press Release - Learn more about Colorado's MLS improvement process and the players that are helping MLS providers throuhgout the state incorporate the recommendations.

MLS Initiative Letter of Support - Join the coalition of supporters!


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